Get the Most from the Client Designer Relationship


Mentor Becky Freeman, Principal of Becky Freeman Interior Design, shares her checklist on how to get the most from the client designer relationship !

1. GREAT COMMUNICATION. Collect clippings from magazines of products and/or rooms that you like and would like to replicate.

This is one of the most effective ways to communicate your “vision” with a designer. Words can sometimes get lost in translation. for example, one person’s meaning of contemporary can be interpreted in several ways.

2. BE CLEAR. Really think about, and write down, what you would like to accomplish at the finish of the project. Be specific with examples that can be translated to the designer.

Although it is the designer’s job to interpret your overall vision and wishes, they provide you options to make this vision a reality, it is the client’s job to prepare the designer with clear expectations

3. KNOW WHO’S BOSS. Establish who has the final say. Have all decision makers present at each meeting & copy each of these individuals on all email communications.

Avoid the “but I thought I said I wanted…” scenario and keep communication central to all participating members. Interior design is all about the details and there can be a lot! keep a running journal with meeting notes, and for phone conversations to track any updated information.

4. BE REALISTIC. Establish a realistic budget & be honest about how you want your money being spent

The way you spend your money is the last thing that a designer should be interpreting. don’t assume that the designer can predict how or where you’d like to use the budget. Be upfront about your preferences & fears.



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