Summer Party Decorating Ideas

Mentor Nyla Free of Nyla Free Designs shares her top tips for party decorating ideas.

Ah, summer! Time to break out the bbq and celebrate the long and lazy days with friends and family. Even with an impromptu gathering it’s easy to pull together a look that is sure to impress your guests without leaving you exhausted or your wallet empty.

1. Keep details fresh and simple

Choose a colour scheme that works with many items you already have. Summer entertaining should be laid back and fun, much like your decor. It’s easy to mix and match in a casual yet pulled together way. Green is one of the best colours to decorate with in the summer. You’ve likely already got green grass and some kind of foliage so why not work with it?

2. Use food as part of the decor

When cut in long stems and placed in glassware vegetables become a decorative detail on the table and also one worth eating. Food adds layers and texture in a decorative, yet functional way. Creating labels for dips and spreads with plant labels is another fun way to add interest to your table.

3. No need to take things too seriously

Don’t have quite the right amount of plates or napkins? Not to worry! Create a casual feel by mixing it up with colour, shapes and sizes. When serving large crowds preparing a sit down meal sure isn’t necessary. Group all essentials onto one table so guests can interact, help themselves and enjoy mingling with others.

4. Bring the outdoors in

Flowers are a must for entertaining. If you’re backyard is blooming, create a cut flower bouquet. Steer away from flowers with too much scent that may interfere with the smell of your food offerings. Fresh herbs are a very practical choice for decorating, not only adding greenery and an appealing scent to your table but also extra taste to your cooking.

5. Make it easy breezy lemon squeez-y

Arrange food and beverages in such a way that guest can help themselves. Don’t feel that you need to be serving all night long. Relax and enjoy your own party by having buffet style service. Bring drinks out of the fridge and place in tubs filled with ice for easy access. Fill a dispenser with lemonade or punch for those to help themselves.


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2 Responses to “Summer Party Decorating Ideas”

  1. LeAnne Bunnell Says:

    So fresh & yummy! Perfect tips for hosting a fun casual party for friends… might just steal these ideas for my next fete! *Advance Warning*

    Gorgeous decor, gorgeous photos!


  2. Julieann/CreateGirl Says:

    I love your tablescape Nyla! It is so inviting and yes enjoying your own party is a must! Ahh now if only we lived in the same country!


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