Mentor Me with Erin Loechner [ Radio ]

Decor Mentor needs to change the date on this event. We will post new date soon.



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2 Responses to “Mentor Me with Erin Loechner [ Radio ]”

  1. Erin Cooper Says:

    Lisa — So excited to hear that Erin Loechner will be your next guest! She one of my favorite bloggers. My husband, Tim, loved working on your site so much, and I’m loving everything you have going on here. Fun!

    ~erin cooper


    • Decor Mentor Says:

      Hi Erin! I met Erin Loechner at Alt Summit in Utah and in talking to her for just 15 minutes before her session, she was SO inspiring and gave me specific takeaways for my business based on her experience! Can’t wait to have her as part of this contest and radio show. Erin is creative with a capital “C”! [ Alt Summit was also also were I got the great referral from Jaime Derringer for Tim to do my programming! ]


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