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Lisa Ferguson, Principal of Lisa Ferguson Interior Design and Decor Mentor founder deconstructs this space in layers, for many decorating lessons!

Many times clients know the overall feel that they love, but are unclear about their preferences in the smaller details. I suggest deconstructing inspirational images layer by layer to help better understand preferences for the details that make up a completed space. There were probably 500 decisions that the designer made in this beautiful space. The more you can communicate your preferences with your designer, the more the space will be a reflection of you! Have a look at this space by professional design firm Pulp Design Studios with new eyes by deconstructing in these layers.

Architecture [ Ceiling, Doors, Windows, Mouldings, Fireplace ]

Notice the:

  • Style of doors and windows [ and how the black exterior doors become a feature ]
  • Cove ceiling [ darker paint color than walls makes it a subtle feature ] and placement of the crown moulding
  • The profile of the mouldings
  • The scale of the mouldings [ baseboard, crown, window & door casings ]
  • The paint choice on the mouldings
  • TIP: only draw attention to moulding if it is great–in great condition and of great scale– by making it white or a contrast from the walls
  • Fireplace style, placement and finish



  • The walls are painted a subtle neutral backdrop for the beautiful architecture and furnishings



  • The flooring style, colour and finish and how the dark floor is balances by light walls

Area Rugs


  • The area rug placement, size, colour and texture
  • TIP: to connect a furniture group, have a minimum of all front legs of furnishings on area rug. I prefer all four legs of all pieces to be on the area rug as shown here

Space Planning


  • How the furniture is laid out for optimal conversation areas and maximizing the fireplace and optimal traffic flow paths

Furniture [ Upholstery, Case goods, occasional pieces ]


  • The number of furniture pieces, the style, the scale, the texture and colour of fabric
  • The furniture is mostly armless and tailored
  • Mirror top [ adds sparkle and lightness ] nesting tables as coffee table can easily be moved around room

Lighting [ general, task, accent ]


  • There are pot lights for general lighting and to accent the art above the fireplace but no table or floor lamps or decorative ceiling lighting



  • The metal bench, tables, legs of barcelona chairs and mirror all don’t match [ it can be done! ]

Window Treatments


  • Romans give a more tailored look than drapery panels would have
  • The roman fabric’s texture adds interest yet colour is neutral
  • The roman shades are surface mounted on top of the window casing [ romans can be inside mounted but here they wouldn't have made the same statement ]



  • The restraint with minimum accessories and they are neutral
  • The neatly drapes throw over the back of the barcelona chairs adds interset and texture



  • The mix of art and mirror and their minimalism and their placement
  • The art colours and what they do for the space

Are there other details that you noticed while deconstructing this gorgeous space?!

If you would like your space professionally designed with a high level of attention to detail,  Lisa Ferguson at Lisa Ferguson Interior Design in Toronto or Pulp Design Studios in Texas would love to hear from you!


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