Save vs. Splurge | Kids Bedroom

Mentor Nyla Free of Nyla Free Designs shares her top tips for decorating a kids bedroom on any budget!

Save vs. Splurge

A kids bedroom is a perfect space to use a save and splurge approach to design and decorating. You will more than likely change this room a few times as your child grows and matures, right from nursery stage through to the teen years. Deciding where to save and splurge is key so that you can feel comfortable making changes. After your little one has grown out of his/her crib, designing in 5 year increments will allow you some time before moving into the next design phase of growing up.

With this particular room we have a young girl who is in her tween years (8-12). Given her age, she is well versed in letting us know what she likes and of course, what she doesn’t, therefore having her involved in some of the decisions was very important.

With her two favorite colours being blue and green, we opted for a scheme that celebrated all different shades, mixing and matching for an almost monochromatic feel. The result is soft and feminine with a sophisticated youthful feel that will carry her into her teen years easily.

What did we save and splurge on?

After finding these adorable nightstands, we dressed up the drawers by adding hand painted polka-dot ceramic knobs from Anthropologie. A small splurge with subtle impact, these are the kind of details that really help to bring the room together. The table lamps were purchased from Homesense resulting in a big save with even bigger impact. The ceiling fixture, a simple yet pretty modern floral light that is accentuated when lit at night and the petals form patterned shadows on the ceiling and walls.

We made careful purchases and decided exactly where we were comfortable saving and spending money to give us an outcome that this young girl will be able to enjoy for several years.

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when planning your next kid’s room makeover:

  1. You may find yourself increasing bed size or storage space . Be sure to accommodate for this right from the start to ensure your new items fit according to plan.
  2. If you have a particular piece in mind, wait for end of season sales in order to purchase at a discounted price.
  3. Choose pieces that have longevity. Not every item in the room will stay as they grow older, however keeping that in mind when making your selections will help give you some long term items, especially if they fall under the splurge category.
  4. Think outside the box when it comes to art. Art can be expensive so framing pieces that your child has created, a collage of photos or perhaps a favorite word or nickname in large oversized letters as we did here.
  5. Putting a plan together and knowing what you need and want for the room will benefit you greatly while shopping. You might just happen upon that perfect piece at a great price!
  6. Have fun with it. Remember this is your kids room and they want nothing more than a place they can call their own.

If you would like to know more about having your room professionally designed and decorated, contact Nyla Free of Nyla Free Designs in Calgary.


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4 Responses to “Save vs. Splurge | Kids Bedroom”

  1. Lisa Mackay Says:

    This room is beautiful Nyla! Love the fresh white touches – esp that bedside lamp.


  2. The Simply Inspired Home Says:

    This room is really great, and I love the lamps as they really look like bird cages. Well done Nyla!


  3. LeAnne Bunnell Says:

    Great tips for making the most of your budget in kids rooms! A splurge – save approach makes sure everybody is happy…

    That must become happy tweener… A lovely happy space to grow up in!


  4. Jacqueline Corea Says:

    Nyla, I think that saving and splurging is a fabulous idea in any room of the house. It makes sense to splurge on the items you want to have for years to come, and save on more trendy things. Adorable room, great job!


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