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Mentor Becky Freeman, Principal of Becky Freeman Interior Design takes a closer look at a bath renovation with a sneak peak at the master ensuite floor plan and elevations. You get to be a fly on the wall and see what she did!

In this project, my client was hungry for a lux bathroom with a better layout and an open concept. The good news is that she was ok with losing built-in storage space [ existing closet in centered in this layout ], that would be re-established into new custom vanities and a stand alone wardrobe. To the right of the bath is a walk-in closet falling short of practical storage solutions for hanging clothes. The goal of this project was to provide my client a more airy and open bathroom space while maintaining the usefulness of a double walk-in closet area.

The overall footprint of the layout remained very similar to the original. The only change really, was eliminating that bulky closet and taking the wall behind it backward into the closet space to meet the partnering wall.

Here are a few key requests for the new space: a make-up vanity, separate washing vanities for him and her, stand-alone storage, and a claw foot soaker tub. Also, the dream shower, was established against the north wall.


As seen in the north elevation, it was important to keep the open shower concept an integral part of the design. This meant no glass enclosure anywhere. Since we are loosing a textural element here in not having glass, I decided that it was best to change up the wall tile on the knee walls from a 3” x 6” used on the main walls to a 12” x 24” tile. The material of the larger tile remains consistent with the wall material, but, by simply changing the scale of the tile it can add extra interest. This technique allows the shower space clear distinction from the main walls. In the west elevation shown above, storage space was recreated in an elegant fashion by introducing a custom wardrobe, fit with adjustable shelving and generous drawer space. The home features an original stained glass window feature. Although it is stunning, it is positioned in an awkward location in the home’s bathroom layout. In order to make it “work” into the room, I located the make-up vanity directly centered below it to provide a function for the established piece.

Becky Freeman Interior Design, author of this feature, is a Interior Design firm in Toronto, Ontario. Becky would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you.

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  1. Letizia Paradiso Says:

    Good job, Becky! Congratulations!
    One observation: No bidet??? Skylights in the walk-in-closets?


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