What Does In Stock Really Mean?!

Nyla Free, Principal of Nyla Free Designs explores answers the question, “what does in stock really mean?!”

Whether renovating or decorating there are decisions to be made based on style, colour, size and whether or not an item is in stock. In an effort to keep a project moving decisions are often made based on timing which varies from store to store. Tile, carpet, fabric, furniture, lighting, to name a few, are all items where stock levels, as well as the ordering process vary. So what does ‘in stock’ really mean?

‘In Stock’ in the store or nearby warehouse.

Many stores and suppliers carry popular items in stock and ready to go. These items are typically well marked and noted. Asking the salesperson for stock levels and colour choices are key in making sure they have the correct amount in the size and colour you require. Smaller items can be picked up that day. Larger items such as furniture may require delivery. Depending on availability, arrangements can be made as soon as the next day.

‘In Stock’ in a different city.

Depending on the store or supplier there may be locations in other cities that carry more or different stock. If a salesperson indicates that this item is available at another location, find out which location and how long it will take to ship. Often this process can take one to two weeks.

‘In Stock’ in another country.

The perfect piece may have been found online or through a supplier that orders from another country. Hearing that an item is in stock is good news but in this case the estimated time of arrival, ETA, is certainly longer than the above options. Ordering between the US and Canada, although neighboring countries, is a process longer than one would expect. Often held up with duty, brokerage and shipping paperwork, consider upwards of three to four weeks for an ‘in stock’ item to arrive depending on size and method of transport.

Items that are best suited to the design of the space are worth the wait, and finding something in stock is certainly a bonus. Being aware of the timing is important as you venture out shopping, especially if it’s something required to provide the contractor with tomorrow or an item you’re hoping to take home today.

Nyla Free Designs, author of this feature, is a full service Interior Design firm in Calgary, Alberta. Nyla would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you. Nyla Also has a wonderful blog on her site!

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