Space Planning | Three Rooms in One

Becky Freeman, Principal of Becky Freeman Interior Design explores how to create three rooms in one out of 180 square feet as she “shows and tells” with  floor plans and elevations from a real life project. Multifunction space planning at it’s best!

In my client’s original floor plan, this long and narrow room, dividing the home’s dining area and kitchen, provided little function but had a lot of potential for space planning opportunities.

My client wanted to increase the size of the bathroom from itsy-bitsy to a reasonably useful space.

In the main area, he wanted to achieve

  1. an eat-in area
  2. liquor display and serving area
  3. office storage and a space that functions as a desk when not entertaining

Ready, set, go!

The bathroom was a no-brainer. I extended the wall out into the room 24” to allow for a side-by-side arrangement for toilet and vanity. It’s all about maximizing storage areas, so in the bathroom, I’ve also included a 4 foot high, narrow, rolling door cabinet for things like extra toilet paper and doo dads. Once installed, it looked like it was built-in.

The existing closet was used as the home’s principal coat storage. Therefore, it needed to be given the authority it deserves. I introduced IKEA’s PAX system, combined with their AVISKT and AKURUM systems to create a multifunctional and tailored fit storage area. Custom door facings make it look like a custom builtin!

The bar area was the decorative touch in this space.

The office area, on the other hand, was the covert-op in this room composition. Although we needed to incorporate a fax, phone and internet accessories, we didn’t want it to seem like an office at all.

Last, the integrated table provides the centre piece to the room, with decorative wallpaper behind, establishing a focal point.

The integrated table serves as a multipurpose work area, either for pouring cocktails or for a two person meeting with stools. The open counter space to the right of the table also allows workspace for a laptop or important documents to be laid out. The long drawer below this counter allows a laptop to be stowed with a power bar integrated to allow for charge when not in use. And, of course, cupboard storage is incorporated for additional uses.

The bar is designed with an optional refrigerator drawer and additional storage drawers for bar essentials.

The office space needn’t look like an office space at all! Especially not when in use or during a cocktail party. Clever appliance garage mechanisms create the perfect hideaway for the fax machine and the phone. Maximum drawer and cupboard space provides storage for office essentials.

The exposed wall to the patio was left untouched as the 7 foot wide door was of utmost focal importance. And, with all of our storage and task requirements taken care of on the opposing elevation, what more could you ask for on this wall!? It remained clean and left a small spot for some dynamic artwork.

There is so much value in hiring a professional to maximize a space before any decorating begins. Don’t you agree?


Becky Freeman Interior Design, author of this feature, is a Interior Design firm in Toronto, Ontario. Becky would love to talk to you about designing your dream multifunctional space!

You can also find a full list of all our global mentors [ who are top professional interior designers ] on our Mentors Page.


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