Designing a Kids Bedroom for Growth

Decor Mentor and Lisa Ferguson Interior Design founder, Lisa Ferguson, shares plans from a recent project where she space planned and designed a kids bedroom that will be optimal from 0 -16 years.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is client jumping right into buying the “pretty” things. Nothing every looks or functions quite right. So much ends up getting moved to a room full of furniture “mistakes”. The big take away on this client project is that we thought through how the newborn would use the space over 16 years right down to the electrical requirements. There will be no “we should have” or “what a waste” on this project! I’d encourage you to think the same way.

0-2 years

  • Crib not too close to the window [ prevent drafts ]
  • Rocking chair with accessible surface to set down bottle etc. and for phone
  • Accessible change table
  • Reading lamp now and future bedside lamp on one wall switch
  • Center room light fixture on a dimmer
  • Pot lights for art and accent lighting on separate dimmer for future use
  • Area Rug size that would also work with a twin and double bed
  • Door jam light switch for the closet [ really easy to have installed in new construction ]

2-16 years

Notice: I have included both a twin and double plan in this drawing. We really wanted to see the double, since it will ultimately be what is used for the longest amount of years, to be sure furniture, rug, art, pot lighting and power outlets all work with each of the growth stages.

We utilized the same rug and art plan from the nursery. The beside table moved locations and we added a new long malm dresser for a tv.


In the Reflective Ceiling Plan [ Lighting ] Power and Circuitry Plan

Take notice:

  • Cable [ for future ] and Phone [ now and future ]
  • Dimmers for switches [ now and future ]
  • Wall switch for table lamp [ we put both the now and future lamp on same switch! ]
Preplanning the layout and electrical often will save money [ buy well and once! ] and will give you a much more functional space. Hire a professional for this well in advance of buying ” the pretty”!

Lisa Ferguson Interior Design, author of this feature, is a full service Interior Design firm in Toronto, Ontario. Lisa would love to talk to you about designing an optimal space expressly for you.

You can also find a full list of all our global mentors [ who are top professional interior designers ] on our Mentors Page.

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