Classic Furniture | Foundation For Versatility

Mentor James Saavedra, Principal of Saavedra Design Studios, shares how he uses classic furniture to create a foundation for great versatility!

My staff must think I am a broken record because I am always emphasizing the importance of our interiors (and the SDS brand in all respects) employing classic foundations.  Things such as great letterpress, freshly ironed linens, warm whites, and worn gold are always in fashion.  I learned early on that though trend can be your friend – it quickly wares off and the next hot thing is upon us.  That is not to say that the classic can’t be updated or spun with your own unique twist. In fact, they should be altered to represent your signature style.  However, if you always make it point to invest in classic, timeless, key pieces so that you will not only be able to change the flavour of your abode with ease but you will never regret making a purchase.

To illustrate this point – a simple exercise in how a classically structured occasional chair (updated with a fantastic modern, chic, fabric) can play in any style sandbox.

The armless chair is a versatile occasional piece in any interior. Tucked in a corner or flanked side by side in a pair, you will find an abundance of uses for a chair such as this. What I like about this particular selection:

  1. Simple straight forward lines
  2. A rich medium wood frame that will lend it to work in a traditional interior, transitional, or skew more modern
  3. Tight seat which is tailored and not fussy
  4. Parson style legs in front but gentle splayed legs at back

The Fabric: Glam from Knoll textiles.  It has a modern spin with a metallic ottoman rib – in classic off white, of course. Comprised of recycled polyester and olefin it is hardwearing, soil and stain repellent, and perfect for my pup, Oliver. See, durable does not mean bland!

The quick change:

Bold punches of saturated orange from Corragio Textiles and teal silk from Lee Jofa for the days when color is a must.

Here we soften the pallet with quilted alabaster silk and melon eco-wool from Q Collection for sophisticated but subdued.  Same chair different style.

Now lets take the same melon pillow and swap it out.

Here a smoky, navy and charcoal Abrbandi Ikat from the New Mexico Museum collection from Kravet lends a more masculine but on trend look.

Swap out alabaster for bright fuchsia and wow! One of my favorite combinations lately.

How about dusty lilac with melon? A perfect compliment to the 1980’s paper art near by since both colors are found there.

Fun and eclectic – handmade Ikat pillow covers found on Etsy pair magically with the teal silk lumbar pillows from before.  Again, a favorite combination because its so unexpected and lively.

Ikat alone – just as fab.

Simple daffodil yellow is never wrong and always chic.

Point proven? I would say so.

Saavedra Design Studio, author of this feature, is a Interior Design firm in Los Angeles, California. James Saavedra would love to talk to you about designing a commercial or residential space expressly for you.

You can also find a full list of all our global mentors [ who are top professional interior designers ] on our Mentors Page.


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  1. LeAnne Bunnell Says:

    A perfect illustration of how investing in classic furniture styles and finishes still allows for vibrant, multifaceted interiors. I’ll be pointing clients to this post to illustrate the opportunities available when you choose such versatile pieces.

    Thanks James!


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