Gray Matters

Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry, principals of Pulp Designs, shed light on the topic of gray!

Gray Matters

When people think of gray they usually think boring, calm, conservative, or even depressing.  This simple neutral can be elevated with bold colors, textures, and patterns to create dramatic and sophisticated spaces.


Gray, which is basically a mixture of white and black, can be used in different intensities. Each shade of gray can exude a different feel in a space, from calming to moody and intense.

Light Gray

A light gray is more soothing and calming. Here a cool light gray is painted on the walls giving a calm and ethereal feel. This space is made instantly more inviting with a textural gray floor covering.

Medium Gray

Medium gray is sophisticated and handsome. This showroom showcases a wide variety of tones, from a metallic paint on the walls to a shimmery sofa. A medium gray offers just enough contrast with typical white trim to be dynamic without being too high energy.

Dark Gray

A dark gray is dramatic and bold. This dining room is moody and intense due to the high contrast. The shimmery antiqued mirror and Murano glass chandelier add shimmer to the space.


Warm Gray

Warm grays have a tendency to be more yellow. They tend to be more welcoming and comfortable. The elegant use of a warm gray in the powder bath, contrasting with metallic accents on the vanity, mirror and sconces creates an inviting feel.

Cool Gray

Cool grays have more blue tones in them and can lean in a more modern direction. This cool gray living room is cheerful with added pops of color and pattern creating a more stark feel to contrast with all the exciting pops of color.

Grab several gray paint swatches and put them next to each other. This will allow you to see which type of grey you are attracted to.

Gray is a perfect way to ground a space. Whether more subdued or in-your-face grey can serve as a neutral canvas for your furniture and accessories to pop. And, when used properly, gray can just speak for itself.


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