Area Rugs | Fibers: The Pros

Professional Interior Designer and Mentor Becky Freeman simplifies “the pros” or upside to fibers commonly used in area rugs in this two part series on area rug pros and cons!

Why you want these in your home


  • The fiber in wool is highly elastic, so the weight from furniture and foot traffic erases easily, making it great for areas with high usage
  • Wool easily releases moisture without developing mold or mildew, making it suitable for humid climates
  • Wool fibers are surrounded with a protective membrane that makes the fibers water, stain and soil resistant
  • Wool is an excellent insulator & it will keep warm air in during cold seasons
  • Wool is like the leaves on trees. It absorbs airborne contaminants like sulfur dioxide, improving air quality in its immediate surroundings


  • Cotton rugs are often inexpensive because the fiber is widely accessible and therefore costs less to manufacture
  • Cotton is biodegradable, so your next decorating splurge may not seem so guilt-ridden!
  • The cotton fiber accepts paint quite well, offering many unique printed motif and pattern options
  • Cotton is machine washable, need I say more!?


  • Silk is surprisingly one of the most durable fibers around, giving these rigs their long “centuries old” lasting abilities.
  • Silk fibers accept dyes better than any other fiber, offering a rainbow of colour opportunities
  • Silk rugs are the softest surfaces you will ever touch. And, they always present themselves in a sophisticated and elegant fashion
  • Silk fibers have a characteristic rich luster and sheen that allow natural light to reflect off it in beautiful hues

Tomorrow is Part 2  “Why you may not want these in your home”

Becky Freeman Interior Design, author of this feature, is a Interior Design firm in Toronto, Ontario. Becky would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you.

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  1. Stacy Naquin Says:

    Great post Becky! I must say my eye always jumps when I see silk interwoven into other fabrics ;) Like a fish with a lure!



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