Tips for a Welcoming Foyer

Jacqueline Corea, principal of Corea Sotropa Interior Design, shares insider styling tips for a welcoming foyer!

>>First impressions are immediately made by your guests as soon as they enter your foyer. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your entryway is welcoming and provides visitors with a little taste of what the rest of the house has in store. I believe there are a few key elements which make a foyer inviting and I try to incorporate them each time I design an entrance.

1) A console table, small chest or shelf is necessary in a foyer. These items provide not only a surface that can hold a purse, phone or keys, but also an area that can be decorated and set the tone of your decor.

2) Small trays are great to keep any front door clutter organized. You will always know where your mail, dog leash, keys and phone are!

3) One of the most commonly-made mistakes in a foyer is selecting an area rug that is too small. Area rugs subconsciously indicate to guests where they should stand while taking off their shoes (if necessary) and while they wait to be invited into your home. If your carpet is tiny, your visitors will end up piling up at the front door, trying to stay on the rug. Select a generously proportioned rug that moves people into the foyer.

4) Adding wainscoting, wallpaper, a contrasting wall color or a spectacular chandelier is a worthwhile investment in your foyer. A special architectural or decorative element will wow your guests!

5) Fresh flowers are lovely in a foyer for special occasions. Seasonal displays are also a great way to welcome the holidays and are a special touch that your visitors will appreciate.

6) Mirrors are great in foyers, not only because they expand the sense of space in a small room, but also because it’s nice to check how you look before dashing out the front door!

7) Providing a little spot for your guests to perch on is also a must in a foyer. There is nothing worse than trying to zip up a pair of boots while balancing on one foot! Having a small chair or bench will enable your company to comfortably come in from the outdoors.

Everyone knows the power of the first impression. The initial smile or handshake when meeting someone new is so telling. Remember that your foyer is just the same. Make sure it is welcoming, and leaves your guests wanting more!

Corea Sotropa, author of this feature, is a Interior Design firm in Calgary, Alberta. Jacqueline would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you.

You can also find a full list of all our global mentors [ who are top professional interior designers ] on our Mentors Page.

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3 Responses to “Tips for a Welcoming Foyer”

  1. LeAnne Bunnell Says:

    Great tips and gorgeous images of your work. I’d love to have any of these welcoming me home! Fantastic Jacqueline, once again.


  2. Jacqueline Says:

    Thanks LeAnne! I really appreciate your kind comments.


  3. modern dining chair Says:

    What a beautiful house! It’s got so many amazing details. I love every color she used on her walls! Oh man… now I’m itching to repaint our living room!


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