It’s Not Just About The Furniture!

Mentor Lisa Ferguson, Principal of Lisa Ferguson Interior Design and Decor Mentor Founder, is a strong believer in inspiring and elevating others and creating mutual, collaborative wins. Last October, at High Point Market, bonding with like minded individuals, Lisa heard the phrase over and over ” It’s Not Just About The Furniture!” Here, Lisa shares the heart of the matter. >>

Since, I hadn’t been to the High Point Market to source furnishings for client projects in years, I was blown away to go in October and find meaty seminars geared towards growing our design businesses, profitably, and to hear manufacturers going on and on about how designers have kept them in business over the last few years. All music to my ears as a designer! I do believe there has been a major shift and we are moving more and more towards win win collaborations. Check.

Designing interiors and furniture for many years, I have often felt isolated and it is part of the why Decor Mentor came about…to bring great designers, together! Imagine my delight to meet a myriad of international designers and manufacturers at Market also feeling the desire to connect, inspire and collaborate for mutual wins! The incredible connections made was an equal hi-light to scoring some great new finds. Check.

Trends is always a big reason designers should be at the top trade shows, but I like to dig beyond the obvious. Beyond the typical “tangerine orange” is the new color trend, I saw some very exciting, shall we call them lifestyle trends, in October and expect to see on an even bigger scale in April, when I go back. Check.

  • Quality of life and sleep
  • Bolder, more personal choices [ resulting in spaces more reflective of you, than trends ]
  • Beauty from the inside out [ gorgeous colours and laquer finishes on the inside of furnishings! ]
  • Nostalgia [ supporting North American made goods & the local economy ]

I talk more about this in “The Shape of Things to Come” in the National Post , “Whats Hot at High Point?” in the Toronto Star  and in the “Top Interior Design Trends for 2012″ video interview with Light Home .

Last year I was asked over and over again, “why” ? “Why should an interior designer be at High Point Market?” So, here are some of my top reasons! I wish I could also convey the connectedness emotion I felt, in words! Other designer mentors who have reaped the rewards of going to past markets will also be sharing their “Its Not Just About The Furniture Top 5″ in the upcoming weeks!

If you are an interior designer and havent already booked, you probably will be looking up flights even as you read this [ and the High Point Market site has discounts for you ], but let me tease you with a few things we are thrilled to be involved with at market in April, that are bound to elevate any design pro’s business.

Decor Mentor’s ELEVATE Wall

What is it?! A collaborative place for interior design pros to exchange ideas and expertise. Take your business to new heights by connecting with your peers to exchange what you know for what you don’t. Post your business cards on the Decor Mentor ELEVATE Wall to exchange expertise, encouragement, and inspiration! The Decor Mentor wall will be a very cool massive installation and available for interior design pros to use throughout Market, April 21-26 at 220 Elm on the 3rd floor. The kick off party is on Sat, April 21, 2012 at 4pm!

Branded! Make a Name for Yourself and Increase Your Business

In this economy, the strongest brands win. You need to make a name for yourself and these design industry experts can tell you how as they examine branding from all sides: Tobi Fairley, Tobi Fairley Designs – Extending Your Brand; Lisa Ferguson, Decor Mentor – Branding Yourself Through Social Media; Debbie Green, Minutes Matter – Branding Yourself Through Design Technology.  Monday April 23 ,2012  10am-11:30 220 E. Commerce Ave, at the Transportation Terminal

There are many many more seminars and events you will want to know about. If you are an interior designer, editor, home furnishings buyer or manufacturer, you will want to check out the listings on High Point Market and register for the stellar planning app ” My Market”!

Lisa Ferguson Interior Design, author of this feature, is a full service Interior Design firm in Toronto, and founder of Decor Mentor. Lisa would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you.

You can also find a full list of all our global mentors [ who are top professional interior designers ] on our Mentors Page.


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  1. John Strauss Says:

    Hey Lisa -
    Nice post. Its important for the manufacturer to hear your perspective on the importance. We get lost in the preparations sometimes and need the reminder for why it is important to get to know each other. – John


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