Furniture and Fashion Inspire Each Other

Interior designer Jamie Beckwith has impecable style, whether fashion or interiors. Jamie shares some of her favorite pieces.  >>

The fashion industry is a forward looking group.  The fashion houses are always a season ahead with designs, colors and patterns; the furniture and textile businesses look at the trends in fashion to gage their direction for the coming months.

The larger couture or designer fashion houses take great pride in their attention to detail with masterful cutting, beautiful shapes and intricate stitching.  I am a huge fan of fine made clothing and even a bigger fan of fine made furniture.

While many people will shy away from the more expensive and try to emulate the look with cheaper knock offs, you truly are doing yourself a disservice.  A fine, well made piece of furniture will provide you with many years of enjoyment, unlike a cheaply made piece that will no doubt fall apart with the rigors of living.

Just like fine fashion, it is the internal structure of the furniture that makes a fine piece.  Through wood joinery, batting, cushions and springs, these manufacturing processes have been handed down between the generations and while many furniture pieces are made by machine, there will always be something to say about being handmade.


“Hickory Chair Furniture Co.’s high-quality casegoods still begin as they did decades ago: with thoughtfully harvested and carefully milled wood from around the world. These fine materials are then sanded, shaped and assembled in our workshops, where traditional techniques are applied alongside today’s leading technology. Multi-layer finishes are created by hand, for example, while veneers are precision-cut using state-of-the-art lasers. The result is fine wood furniture that reflects the hand of a craftsperson, the quality standards of an industry leader, and the personal vision of each and every customer. Your unique style executed by our talented artisans.” (Quote from Hickory Chair website )

These images provide inspiration through the beautiful couture and the fine made furniture.


This space with quality in mind and fashionable spashes of color. The center Jewlery’s Table is a Bobby McAlpine piece  and the Yellow chair is a Hickory Chair piece.


Jamie Beckwith, author of this feature, and principal of  Jamie Beckwith Collection  and Beckwith Interiors is a Interior Design firm in Nashville, would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you.

You can also find a full list of all our global mentors [ who are top professional interior designers ] on our Mentors Page.


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  1. Donna Vining Says:

    I love how the fashion world and the interior design world coincide and tie together.


  2. Laura Holland Says:

    Thank you for chosing Hickory Chair for your post! We are very honored. We enjoyed seeing how true fashion is always inspirational and relateable whether it is on the runway, in a showroom or in a home. Our 500 craftsmen in Hickory, NC love making one-of-a-kind fashion pieces to order!


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