Jamie Beckwith talks Luxury Bathroom Design

Interior designer Jamie Beckwith gets especially creative in her luxury bath and shower designs for her clients. Here she shares some showpiece spaces and a few tips!  >>

Bathrooms are extremely intimate and sensual places. They are private spaces that should renew, refresh and comfort. I feel like I have accomplished my bathroom design goals when clients tell me that their bathroom is their personal oasis, one that functions beautifully but feels even better.

Women’s Bathroom in a residential pool house. Specialized up-lighting sets a relaxing tone for this space.

I love large slabs of stone for the walls and flooring; seamless, always dissimilar, strong and permanent. I also use my own product—Projection™ of Enigma™—in many bathrooms that need a focal wall to break up the cool, smooth look of the slab stone. It gives great dimension and texture to spaces that don’t exactly need or lend themselves to artwork, such as the bathroom

On the walls of the bathroom is Jamie Beckwith Collection’s Enigma™ pattern Byte. This creates a fun pattern in a sleek space.

  • My “must-have” element is lighting. Lighting is a huge component in bringing life to a space. It can change the mood from fresh to sexy with the flip of a switch, or at least a dimmer. I like to try to incorporate different ways to use it in the design…not typical recessed, pendants or chandeliers, but fiber optics imbedded in flooring or ceilings, light panels built into the walls, and light that creates texture, color and warmth.

Residential spa with impactful LED lighting.

  • Fortunately most projects go off without a hitch, but over the years I have learned what to look out for. Make sure that you understand what plumbing you are selecting for clients; how it will function in their space, such as: Will the shower have enough water pressure to sustain a strong stream for the body spays, the shower head and rain head fixtures? Make sure your tile installers are experienced and can guarantee that the shower pans are installed correctly so there will be no leaking behind the tile. A bad tile installer can ruin your design; a good tile installer can make the room sing.

This wooden bath tub adds a nice warm contrast to the floor and wall tiles.

Fiber optic lighting in the floor and atrium windows provides atmospheric lighting for any time of the day.

Jamie Beckwith, author of this feature, and principal of  Jamie Beckwith Collection  and Beckwith Interiors is a Interior Design firm in Nashville, would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you.

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