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Decor Mentor is thrilled to have Texas Interior Designer Elaine Williamson join our team! Not only is she talented, fun and the real deal, she wears great shoes! In Texas, the saying “Go Big or Go Home” applies to many interiors, but take a look at what Elaine has to share as we think she has something for everyone!

It is often said that everything is always bigger in Texas.  While that may conjure images of big hair styles, rodeo belt buckles and cowboys with big hats but no cattle, several recent designs have included a focus on pattern and texture, some of them in Texas-sized rooms and some of them not so large.  Regardless of the size of room designed, we all know the use of textures and patterns are elements that make a difference between a room being well designed or designed well.

One of the consistent methods used, which allows textures and patterns to play well together, is by keeping a focus on the room use of complimentary colors.  While the colors may be of the same shade and shadow, it is the combination and contrast of textures and patterns that set a room design beyond functional but also unique and inviting.  I do need to admit that at times having that one element that looks towards pushing the contrast envelope, whether it is an accessory or furniture piece is always fun element to place, and often times becomes the clients favorite part of the design.

When using a combination of textures and patterns in a design, remember to utilize a balanced combination of strong and soft, and short and long lines.  See how the stone on the fireplace is complimented and extended through the proximity of long-lined drapery panels?  The settee pours several patterns and textures that extend to the ottomans and transition cleanly to the micro-fiber sofa.  The blending, patterns and contrasts make this room inviting and warm.

This conference room, completed in 2011 for a medical practice looks to embrace a flow of movement not only horizontally to the room, but vertically for the eye.  With the expanded geometric pattern of the rug as the foundation, the eye rises to the woodiness of the conference room table.  The sharpness of the Grapevine drift wood stands out as a focal point, but then blends smoothly into the floor to ceiling shark skin gray walls.  The reflective bronze of the four square wall plaque elements, nicely surround and draw the eye to an additional focal point of the abstract art piece.  The art piece has a movement of flow that frames the conference room and plays down nicely back into the drift wood and strong wood lines of the conference table, surrounded by the soft lines of seating.

So whether Texas sized or not, the grand use of patterns and texture can help to create different movements within a room, and provide clean transitions from furniture to wall and window coverings to accent pieces to lighting elements.  It is these converging room transitions that provide a basis for an inviting design.

Elaine Williamson, author of this feature, is a full service Interior Design firm in Dallas, Texas. Elaine would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you. Elaine opts not to go for a signature style but takes her lead from her client’s personal style!

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3 Responses to “Texture | Texas Style”

  1. Jennifer Brouwer Says:

    Welcome darling!!! Welcome!! Incredible, tips and pointers on texture…
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Hugs Elaine :)


  2. LeAnne Bunnell Says:

    Fantastic advice Elaine. Your interiors are beautiful! Welcome to the site; looking forward to your posts!


  3. Elaine Williamson Says:

    Thanks ladies! I am honored to be amongst such amazing talent! See y’all in High Point!


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