When a Faucet is not just a Faucet

Mentor Lisa Ferguson, Principal of Lisa Ferguson Interior Design and Decor Mentor Founder, shares whats on the frontier or faucets!

My expectations for what I get from a faucet for a client project have sky rocketed to include many bells and whistles. Smart technology in a faucet? Yes! Brizo has so many great technologies I could barely do them justice on my best day so take a look…in Brizo’s own words! The future in faucets is now and this incredible company is blazing the trail! I am not easily wowed as a product and interior designer, but Brizo managed to have me swooning over their product and their brand when they recently brought me and 18 other interior designers into New York during fashion week to participate in an innovative focus group. Having designed furniture and lighting myself, this was a thrill. The tracking of trends by the Brizo includes fun trips jet setting around the world, but I was wowed at how methodical the process is. Every new design is born out of studying timeless trends, behaviours, movements and shifts in how we live. I don’t know about you, but I loved learning the maker of a faucet cares this deeply. I have sat at many a design group tables and products were born on a whim and on the shelves in months. Not Brizo. Our group tried to sway the powers that be that satin brass was a must. They are not convinced….yet!

Take a peak at the sexy Charlotte. Single faucet with temperature control. Do you know how hard it is to marry form and function this well in a faucet?! In the Pascal kitchen faucet, a built-in motion sensor provides hands-free functionality and the pull down sprayer is so well integrated you barely know its there! Yes, The Solna also has a well thought out discreet integrated pull down sprayer in what is a trademarked technology, MagneDock. Brizo treated us, in between learning and swooning over products, to prime seating at the Jason Wu Fashion show in New York. Did I mention they are out of the box thinkers [ something I adore in suppliers ]? Brizo embraced and sponsored Jason Wu long before he was a household name and Michelle Obama had him designing dresses. Wait until you see the collection Jason designed for Brizo. The wastebasket is my personal favorite!
The red carpet was constantly thrown down and we even had our own step and repeat wall after a private party with designer Jason Wu. I’m here with Amy Dragoo , Liz Joy  and Jennifer Duchene.

The fun is all over, but I am still swooning over incredible design infused with technology by a company that cares like few others. Brizo is the benchmark company to faucets as Apple is to technology.

Lisa Ferguson Interior Design, author of this feature, is a full service Interior Design firm in Toronto, Ontario. Lisa would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you.


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