Brass Trend [ and Gold too! ]

Gold and Brass were in full force at the recent High Point Spring Market! See this trend through the eyes of Designer Mentors Beth and Carolina from Pulp Design Studios—–>

A handful of the Decor Mentors, us included, attended High Point Market this year as Market Ambassadors. It proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience on a professional and design level. As we shopped for the latest and greatest for our clients we kept seeing the same trend throughout almost every showroom: Gold & Brass! It was a prevalent theme from accessories, to art, to furniture, to lighting.

photo by Pulp Design Studios at Christopher Guy Showroom

photo by Pulp Design Studios at Bungalow 5 Showroom

In every form, from retro throwbacks to new innovative shapes, the gold and brass was in abundance. Gold and brass adds a unique quality to a space making it instantly seem more glamourous and collected, so it’s no wonder why it’s making a comeback. Somehow anything plated in gold or shinning in brass is elevated into an object of desire.

photo by Pulp Design Studios at Noir Showroom

We spotted tons of organic forms translated into sculpture and furniture. Gold skulls, brass peacocks, animal shaped tables, and more were all gilded, dipped, plated, and hammered in gold and brass.

photo by Pulp Design Studios at Natural Curiosities Showroom

Even the art was fabulously translated to gold or brass in one way or another.

Shopping through market we found ourselves spotting a shape that we loved and saying “Wouldn’t that be fabulous in brass?” or “That would be perfect in gold!” Yet, we also remembered a time when we would say “I love that, but I wish it was in silver”.

So, how do you keep up with the trends without needing an update each season? The answer is simple. Just collect what you love & artfully tie it together in your space. A great designer can make sense of all the things you love and create a plan for your space that’s filled with your personality, yet is aesthetically pleasing and functional. We are firm believers that it’s ok to mix metals, mix woods, and mix colors for that matter.

So, here’s the golden rule: Just stick with what you love and you’ll be… golden!

Beth Dotolo, author of this feature, is principal of  Pulp Design Studios,  an Interior Design firm with offices in Seattle and Dallas.

A full list of all our global mentors [ who are top professional interior designers ] on our Mentors Page.


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