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Interior Designer Jacqueline Corea shares inspirational images and ten details that make a kitchen special!—>

A great kitchen design is set apart from others because of small but important details. Interior designers know this, and therefore pay attention to these little intricacies that make their spaces come alive. Without these special elements a room becomes flat and basic. This holds true for all parts of the house including the hardworking kitchen. Since the kitchen is the room we spend the most time in, it should be sprinkled with unique design components making it a beautiful space to work in. Today, I’m going to show you ten ways in which my design firm added special details to this small kitchen giving it big style.

1} Oversized light fixtures in sparkling polished nickel create presence and give importance to the island as well as provide illumination. Instead of selecting small pendants for your island lighting, go big and bold.

2} Make your hood fan an architectural element by using a unique shape, moulding and brackets. Centre this element to create symmetry.

3} Further enhance your range by adding a tile feature above it in a contrasting material. For this kitchen, we installed a glass mosaic accent above the range while the balance of the backsplash was tiled with a simple ceramic.

4} Use pretty hardware like these crystal knobs to elevate the design of the kitchen. Hardware is one component of a kitchen that is touched, so select something that feels good to hold and also looks great on close inspection.

5} Drop some of your cabinets down to the countertop to frame your range and provide extra storage. This keeps your counters uncluttered by providing a space to tuck small appliances and other kitchen items that are normally left on the counter.

6} Consider the shape of your island countertop. The eating area of this island is arched making it more comfortable to sit at by deepening the leg room below.

6} Take your cabinets to the ceiling to accentuate height and provide extra storage. Try adding some architectural detail here too, like arching the cabinets which in this kitchen echos the shape of the island.

7} Add some glass to break up the cabinetry. If you are not planning to display items in these cabinets, use obscured textured glass. In this case, we designed pretty bevelled glass inserts to mimic a curio cabinet so our client could display her crystal collection.

8} Don’t forget about the base of the cabinets. Incorporating furniture details like this decorative kick below the microwave gives a sophisticated look to this utilitarian area.

9} Design your island like a piece of furniture. We were inspired by a piece of furniture we found with decorative legs. We had our cabinet maker incorporate this detail on the island. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that makes a bold statement.

10} Set the island apart from the rest of the cabinets by constructing it out of a different material and finishing it in a contrasting colour.

When looking at a room, it’s not always apparent that it is the small details that make it an inviting, beautiful space. By paying attention to design details even in the kitchen, you can create a unique and interesting room for you to enjoy.

Corea Sotropa, author of this feature, is a Interior Design firm in Calgary, Alberta. Jacqueline would love to talk to you about designing a space expressly for you.

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