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A pillow is just a pillow…

I can not tell you how many times I get to see an ah-hah moment in person or hear it over the phone when I say to clients – your home is meant to be lived in.  Yes, it is meant to have paint scuffs, toys on the floor from time to time, and signs that life occurs within those walls.

In Feng Shui- a house that displays “perfection” contains little Chi.

So often clients are afraid to have the quote, unquote Good Stuff if they have children or pets or whatever it is they are using as the reason why.  Here is what I say:

A pillow is just a pillow.

Meaning that when implemented wisely you can indeed have silk pillows and children.  Shocker! Why is this? Because at the end of the day you can have your pillow cover dry cleaned or better yet have an extra cover in the linen closet for the days your soiled on is being cleaned.  It is really not that difficult.

Moreover, is it the end of the world if your best friend spills red wine on that pillow? No. It’s a pillow and your friendship is more valuable than a whole bed full of down and feather goodness. There are FAR more important things in this world and your world than worrying over a pillow.

Or take this example- remember a time when you have been invited to someone’s home and you’ve sat on edge because you know you best not drop that deviled egg or spill that drink? That was good times right? Wrong!

As I say- the most important element of any room is how you FEEL inside of it and nobody –host and guests alike- want to feel uncomfortable. My opinion is that a room should always be sophisticated and approachable.

You achieve sophistication (among other ways) through the inclusion of luxurious touches and you remain approachable through keeping things in perspective and embracing the perfection of imperfection.

So uncork that Poe Pinot and pour me a glass because I love me a good red wine!

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One Response to “Decorative Pillows”

  1. Georgianne Holland Says:

    I completely agree! A pillow is just a pillow and sophistication can be created through thoughtful additions of beloved quality items in one’s home. Some of the pillows that I make or see in home decor are true heirlooms; handmade pillows crafted by an artisan who loves his or her craft. Does that make them too precious to be enjoyed? No way! It is the touches of handmade luxury like this kind of pillow that gives a home a wonderful personality!


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