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Brass Trend [ and Gold too! ]

July 10, 2012


Noir Gold Brass

Gold and Brass were in full force at the recent High Point Spring Market! See this trend through the eyes of Designer Mentors Beth and Carolina from Pulp Design Studios—–> A handful of the Decor Mentors, us included, attended High Point Market this year as Market Ambassadors. It proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience on a …MORE

Eclectic Decorating | 5 Tips for Success

June 20, 2012


Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry Pulp Design Studios

Designer mentors, professional interior designers Beth and Carolina, founders of Pulp Design Studios in Seattle and Dallas, share 5 great tips for successful eclectic decorating! >> Eclecticism is quite possibly the hardest style to do well. Eclectic style is all about breaking rules, collecting what you love, and being unique. It takes a bold sense …MORE

Dramatic Interiors | 7 Design Concepts

April 3, 2012


Pulp Designs dining

Designer mentors Beth and Carolina of Pulp Design Studios share 7 design concepts to create a dramatic interior!>> No matter what your budget, style, or taste, there are some simple design concepts that you can apply to any interior to create instant drama. There are seven techniques that we use when designing for clients that …MORE

Professional Photography for Designers

November 23, 2011


PHOTOGRAPHY BY Kevin Dotolo Design by Beth Dotolo

Beth Dotolo, a successful and busy interior designer, shares the whys and hows of hiring a professional photographer >>Your design work is your business identity. In a service-based business, where your relationship with your clients are built on trust, it’s important to appear professional. When you put your best foot forward, you give clients security …MORE

Gray Matters

October 25, 2011



Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry, principals of Pulp Designs, shed light on the topic of gray! Gray Matters When people think of gray they usually think boring, calm, conservative, or even depressing.  This simple neutral can be elevated with bold colors, textures, and patterns to create dramatic and sophisticated spaces. SHADES OF GRAY Gray, which …MORE

Design Fees

October 11, 2011


Design Fees

Mentors Beth Dotolo and Carolina V Gentry , principals of Pulp Design Studios, lay out the main ways designers charge for their services. Great communication of design fees is essential to a successful designer-client relationship. In the interior design business one of the biggest challenges, for both the client and the designer, is charging design …MORE

Bathroom Updates With a New Vanity

August 16, 2011

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Mentors Beth Dotolo and Carolina V Gentry, Principals of Pulp Design Studios, show bathroom updates with a new vanity! In general, a bathroom is a pretty utilitarian room in your home, so oftentimes it’s difficult to find ways to make it attractive. However, since it’s more of a private space, the bathroom offers a space …MORE

Trades Secrets | Custom Furniture

July 15, 2011



Mentors Beth Dotolo and Carolina V Gentry, Principals of Pulp Design Studios, share the pros and cons to custom furniture! Custom furniture is a great way to add a personal touch to any space. I always hate when you can walk into a well-designed room and point out where every piece came from. At times, …MORE

Elements of Decor | Symmetry

May 9, 2011



Mentor Beth Dotolo, Principal of Pulp Design Studios, shows how divine symmetry can be in a space! There is always a place for both symmetry and asymmetry in design. However, there is definitely something to be said for the natural balance that symmetry creates. When I have clients who are busy, high-energy, or just want …MORE