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Decorative Pillows

October 13, 2012

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James Saavedra shares his thoughts on pillows! >>   A pillow is just a pillow… I can not tell you how many times I get to see an ah-hah moment in person or hear it over the phone when I say to clients – your home is meant to be lived in.  Yes, it is …MORE

Defining Your Voice As a Designer

December 9, 2011

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James Saavedra shares his thoughts on defining your voice as a designer. >> The last instalment we explored the benefits and versatility that comes from selecting timeless, best quality, foundational pieces. Whether these key pieces are purchased new, custom made or sourced from vintage dealers – the end result is always the same – no …MORE

Communication Tools to Help Your Designer

December 7, 2011



Decor Mentor, James Saavedra, Principal of Saavedra Design Studio, brings us great insider insight on how to create a common language between designer and client! >> The creation of a wonderful interior is never as simple or easy as one may think. There are a multitude of layers, skills, craftspeople, and of course a clear …MORE

Space Planning Process | Kraft Paper

November 16, 2011



Mentor James Saavedra of Saavedra Design Studio shares insight into his space planning process! Undoubtedly, there are numerous ways in which a designer may approach the layout of a space. Ask a handful of professionals and you are certain to get varying advice as to what works for each individual. In my many years working …MORE

Classic Furniture | Foundation For Versatility

October 17, 2011

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Mentor James Saavedra, Principal of Saavedra Design Studios, shares how he uses classic furniture to create a foundation for great versatility! My staff must think I am a broken record because I am always emphasizing the importance of our interiors (and the SDS brand in all respects) employing classic foundations.  Things such as great letterpress, …MORE

Element of Design | Scale

October 5, 2011

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Designer Mentor James Saavedra of Saavedra Design Studio share a tool from his design arsenal: scale! The other day, I was attempting to explain the concept of scale to my intern in my Austin office. It was not as easy as one might think and I realized then that the mastering of this powerful skill …MORE

Space Planning | Women’s Shelter

May 9, 2011



Mentor James Saavedra of Saavedra Design Studio shares insight into his thoughtful and ingenius space planning for a women’s shelter! I often say to the students I teach and mentor that interior designers are much like mathematicians. We both solve equations but, as a designer, ours is a spatial equation. A great space plan is …MORE