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When a Faucet is not just a Faucet

March 27, 2012


Brizo faucet technology

Mentor Lisa Ferguson, Principal of Lisa Ferguson Interior Design and Decor Mentor Founder, shares whats on the frontier or faucets! My expectations for what I get from a faucet for a client project have sky rocketed to include many bells and whistles. Smart technology in a faucet? Yes! Brizo has so many great technologies I could …MORE

Pros and Cons of Chrome Faucets

September 21, 2011


Chrome Bathroom Faucet Nyla Free Interior Design

Mentor Nyla Free , Principal of Nyla Free Designs in Calgary, shares the pros and cons of chrome faucets. With plumbing fixtures such as faucets among the first selections to be made during a kitchen or bathroom renovation, it’s one you want to feel confident in. Available in a variety of styles, chrome faucets are widely …MORE