Brass Trend [ and Gold too! ]

Noir Gold Brass

Gold and Brass were in full force at the recent High Point Spring Market! See this trend through the eyes of Designer Mentors Beth and Carolina from Pulp Design Studios—–> A handful of the Decor Mentors, us included, attended High Point Market this year as Market Ambassadors. It proved to be an incredibly rewarding experience on a …MORE

Tangerine, Color of the Year!

Tangerine Interiors by Jeffrey Bilhuber

Talented Interior Design Jamie Beckwith has a great eye for style in fashion and interiors. She shares 7 ways you have infuse the popular colour, Tangerine, into your life!—->> I wanted to share the vibrant, happy shade of Tangerine, which happens to be Pantone’s Color of the Year.  This radiant shade is not only incredibly …MORE

Gray Matters


Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry, principals of Pulp Designs, shed light on the topic of gray! Gray Matters When people think of gray they usually think boring, calm, conservative, or even depressing.  This simple neutral can be elevated with bold colors, textures, and patterns to create dramatic and sophisticated spaces. SHADES OF GRAY Gray, which …MORE

Mixing Patterns and Color


Talented designer mentor Kati Curtis, principal of Nirmada, educates on the tricks of mixing patterns and color. After attending What’s New What’s Next here in New York City last week, I was happy to see that pattern, craft, and color are trends that are here to stay. Minimalistic interiors might look great in magazines, but …MORE

Paint | What Finish?


Mentor Michelle Jennings Wiebe, Principal of Studio M, shares with us when she uses each of four different types of paint finishes on residential and commercial projects! As an interior designer, I can honestly say that the number one question I am asked has to do with paint color and finish. Whether I am at …MORE

Eight Ways Interior Designers Use Colour


Color choices can be very overwhelming and often bring on project paralysis without a pro. Understanding your preferences for use of colour in a space is a really great way to take away some of the fear of using color. Knowing what you prefer also helps you communicate best when working with an interior designer. Here are …MORE

Breaking Rules with Colour


Mentors Ian Wrightson and Steven Stewart, Principals of Wrightson Stewart, share insight into breaking rules with colour on a recent penthouse project. We freely admit that we love to break rules! One of our favourite rules to break is that  ‘Small Rooms must be painted in light colours’. The theory behind this rule is that …MORE

Colour Palettes | Calm & Cool


Mentors Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler, Principals of Mabley Handler Interior Design, share insight into serene colour palettes! When people see one of our projects, whether it’s in a magazine, in a showhouse, or a portfolio, they instantly know it’s a Mabley Handler house…How? Our color palette is the tip-off. We have become know for …MORE

Colour Palettes | Nature Inspired


Mentor Michelle Jennings Wiebe, Principal of Studio M, shares how she used inspiration from nature for the dynamic colour palette for her client’s condo! Ahhh, the beach.  Crashing waves, lazy days, endless sky…..who doesn’t enjoy spending time there?  Our clients, a family with four young boys, desired both a tranquil beach retreat AND a chic …MORE