Eclectic Decorating | 5 Tips for Success

Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry Pulp Design Studios

Designer mentors, professional interior designers Beth and Carolina, founders of Pulp Design Studios in Seattle and Dallas, share 5 great tips for successful eclectic decorating! >> Eclecticism is quite possibly the hardest style to do well. Eclectic style is all about breaking rules, collecting what you love, and being unique. It takes a bold sense …MORE

Dramatic Interiors | 7 Design Concepts

Pulp Designs dining

Designer mentors Beth and Carolina of Pulp Design Studios share 7 design concepts to create a dramatic interior!>> No matter what your budget, style, or taste, there are some simple design concepts that you can apply to any interior to create instant drama. There are seven techniques that we use when designing for clients that …MORE

Texture | Texas Style


Decor Mentor is thrilled to have Texas Interior Designer Elaine Williamson join our team! Not only is she talented, fun and the real deal, she wears great shoes! In Texas, the saying “Go Big or Go Home” applies to many interiors, but take a look at what Elaine has to share as we think she …MORE

Beach House Decorating

ann sacks tiles via interior designer Kati Curtis

Mentor Kati Curtis, Principal of Nirmada, spills her top six must haves for summer home, cottage or beach house decorating.>> Beach House Must Haves As cold as it is in NYC today, it’s hard to imagine summer will ever be here. But now is the time to be wrapping up  your beach house decorating, cottage …MORE

Guest Bedroom Details Worthy of Conversation

Interior Designer LeAnne Bunnell Bedroom

Mentor LeAnne Bunnell, Principal of elle design, shares great ideas to get your guest bedroom worthy of conversation! >> Guest bedrooms are sometimes dedicated spaces for the enjoyment of guests, be they main floor, attic or basements rooms.  Occasionally they do double duty as home offices, craft rooms or play spaces. Regardless where they are …MORE

Classic Furniture | Foundation For Versatility


Mentor James Saavedra, Principal of Saavedra Design Studios, shares how he uses classic furniture to create a foundation for great versatility! My staff must think I am a broken record because I am always emphasizing the importance of our interiors (and the SDS brand in all respects) employing classic foundations.  Things such as great letterpress, …MORE

Element of Design | Scale


Designer Mentor James Saavedra of Saavedra Design Studio share a tool from his design arsenal: scale! The other day, I was attempting to explain the concept of scale to my intern in my Austin office. It was not as easy as one might think and I realized then that the mastering of this powerful skill …MORE

Monochromatic Room Design


Mentors Ian Wrightson and Steven Stewart, Principals of Wrightson Stewart, share insight into how they create gorgeous monochromatic interiors. Monochromatic interiors are a favourite at Wrightson Stewart. We love the challenge of seeing just how far we can take one single colour in both texture and sheen. Monochromatic colour schemes use variations in lightness and …MORE

Elements of Design | Signature Place


Mentor Michelle Jennings Wiebe, Principal of Studio M, shows us elements of design applied to her Signature Place condo project in Florida! Studio M not only specializes in high end residential interiors, but also designs many commercial interiors. This includes the recently completed Signature Place condominiums located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. This luxury 36 …MORE

Elements of Decor | Symmetry


Mentor Beth Dotolo, Principal of Pulp Design Studios, shows how divine symmetry can be in a space! There is always a place for both symmetry and asymmetry in design. However, there is definitely something to be said for the natural balance that symmetry creates. When I have clients who are busy, high-energy, or just want …MORE