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Lighting Kati Curtis Nirmada

Mentor Kati Curtis, Principal of Nirmada, shows how there  are many approaches to lighting the dining room>> THE lighting question I’m always asked is, “How high do I hang my chandelier over the dining table?”  The simple answer I give is 30” above the table. But it’s not really that simple – as we address …MORE

Great Lighting Lessons


It doesn’t matter how beautifully designed your house is…If it’s not lit properly, you will hate it. There is nothing more frustrating than a poorly lit room, and we don’t know what’s worse: A room that is too bright, or one that is too dark. And even when you figure that out (Say it with …MORE

Lighting 101


Mentor Michelle Mawby, Principal of Lucid Interior Design, gives us great insight into the basics of optimally lighting a space in Lighting 101 ! Good lighting is one the most important but most forgotten about elements in our homes.  A well designed lighting scheme will make your décor sing and should not just be an …MORE