Potential Costs of NOT Hiring a Designer

Kati Curtis indigo blue paint colour

Mentor Kati Curtis, Principal of Nirmada, reveals just how costly things can get going it on your own.—>> We were recently hired to “clean up” a large project on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The clients had been working with a Contractor to combine 3 apartments into 1 dream apartment with stellar views of …MORE

Avoid Impulse | Get a Design Plan!

Lisa Ferguson National Post

Designer Lisa Ferguson shares where she starts on all client projects, today, in the National Post. You will also get a peak into the now and later illustrations and the now and later electrical plans of one of Lisa’s projects! By taking the time upfront, you will clearly see the value in not making on …MORE

A New Year – A New Start

LeAnne Bunnell elle studio bedroom

Mentor LeAnne Bunnell, Principal of elle design, shares great ideas to get the year of to a great design start! >> It’s around this time of year that many people take stock not only of their lives and health but also their homes.  Along with self-improvement there is an emphasis on de-cluttering, organizing and tackling …MORE

Tips and Tricks for Open Floor Plans

Kati Curtis Nirmada loft living room

Mentor Kati Curtis, Principal of Nirmada, spills pro tips and tricks for open floor plans.>> In the 1960’s and 70’s artists began converting lofts in New York’s SoHo warehouse district into live/work spaces. Over the past 30 years, cities around the the world have seen the practicality of the concept and have adopted it as …MORE

Managing Renovation Expectations

Jennifer Brouwer Interior Design

Jennifer Brouwer of Jennifer Brouwer Design is about to share some aha moments you probably havent thought of! Here is what she has to say from experience >> I have been writing about hot topics seemingly forever and frequently I am asked questions that inspire me to discuss a topic that I feel more people …MORE

Communication Tools to Help Your Designer


Decor Mentor, James Saavedra, Principal of Saavedra Design Studio, brings us great insider insight on how to create a common language between designer and client! >> The creation of a wonderful interior is never as simple or easy as one may think. There are a multitude of layers, skills, craftspeople, and of course a clear …MORE

Space Planning Process | Kraft Paper


Mentor James Saavedra of Saavedra Design Studio shares insight into his space planning process! Undoubtedly, there are numerous ways in which a designer may approach the layout of a space. Ask a handful of professionals and you are certain to get varying advice as to what works for each individual. In my many years working …MORE

Hiring An Interior Designer | Part Two

Nyla Free, Principal of Nyla Free Designs, chats with Decor Mentor founder Lisa Ferguson, on Decor Mentor Radio, about frequently asked questions on the topic of hiring an interior designer. Also, Nyla shares 3 top reasons to hire an interior designer! Hiring An Interior Designer: FAQ’s [ Part Two with Nyla Free ] Nyla has …MORE

Designing a Kids Bedroom for Growth


Decor Mentor and Lisa Ferguson Interior Design founder, Lisa Ferguson, shares plans from a recent project where she space planned and designed a kids bedroom that will be optimal from 0 -16 years. One of the biggest mistakes I see is client jumping right into buying the “pretty” things. Nothing every looks or functions quite …MORE

Space Planning | Three Rooms in One

Multifunction Elevation Drawings Office Bar Becky Freeman Interior Design

Becky Freeman, Principal of Becky Freeman Interior Design explores how to create three rooms in one out of 180 square feet as she “shows and tells” with  floor plans and elevations from a real life project. Multifunction space planning at it’s best! In my client’s original floor plan, this long and narrow room, dividing the …MORE