Is It Really Safe to Play Gambling Online in US Legally?

The US residents are also difficult to know about the legal right to play and access the casino online with real money. Shortly, the federal government never prohibits any access to sbobet online or ban people to do gambling online. Until now, US residents are so free to access even the offshore sites or aboard to play their favorite casino games from the most comfortable place they stay right now such as home. However, some people might be so confused about one thing which is call “UIGEA”.

This is the law which has been passed by the former US President George Bush back in 2006. UIGEA stands for The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and this law didn’t actually make the online casino illegal for those who live in US. On the opposite, UIGEA made this illegal for some people. The impact was people can’t use any bank transaction to deposit such as debit and credit cards, bank transfer or even other electronic banking to fund their activities to play casino online.

What people need to know now before accessing and also playing online casino understand the law of UIGEA first. Back in 2006 before the UIGEA came through, most offshore sites accepted many players from US. When the UIGEA was passed, the casinos had to decide on whether that will continue to accept the players from US or not. As the result of this law, there were many sites banned US residents and the providers too restricted the access to the operating sites for US members.